Comprehensive diving guide with integrated logbook

Features of this pack:

  • Includes information on the top 16 dive sites of Egypts Marsa Alam
  • Detailed site-by-site information
  • Unique 3D map included of each and every site
  • Written by local experts based on years of research
  • Integrates with your logbook to record each dive
  • Fits into your standard logbook binder  
  • Stunning wildlife photography and information
  • Special offers from diving organizations
  • Regional map showing location of each dive site

Dive sites included in the Marsa Alam pack:

  • Elphinstone
  • Gota abu Dabbab
  • Habili el Gadheer
  • Habili Nakari
  • Marsa Abu Dabbab
  • Marsa Gabel Rosas
  • Marsa Murain
  • Marsa Nakari
  • Marsa Samadai
  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shuni
  • Ras Samadai
  • Shaab Samadai
  • Sharm Abu Dabbab
  • Sharm Abu Dabbour
  • Sharm Shuni

What this means for you:

  • Maximize your diving – know the best sites to dive
  • Accurate, reliable and trustworthy information
  • You get a memorable record & holiday keepsake
  • You have a truly useful dive guide you will keep referring back to time
    and again

Photo GalleryMarsa Alam photo gallery

Julien SteinMeet the Author:
  Julien Stein

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