Travelling Diver guides are;

Site-by-site Diving Guides            with            Integrated Logbook Format

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  • They are designed specifically for the recreational diver.
  • Focus on useful, easy and interesting information.
  • Lightweight - great for airline baggage weight restrictions.
  • They fit into your standard diving logbook binder.
  • They are all researched and written to the highest standards.
  • They are recommended and approved by leading organisations.
  • All of our diving guides use the exclusive Travelling Diver format:
    • Easy and fast recording of diving log 'filling in'
    • One-page-per-dive format: easy and clear.

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You get individual dive-site reference at your fingertips:
  • Learn about each individual dive site with the detailed information included, which you can refer back to time and again.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the information is accurate, reliable and trustworthy – having been written by local experts from years of research.
  • Familiarize yourself with each and every site using the unique 3D maps included.
  • Experience recommended dive routes, sites and location overviews, enabling you to better select your dive sites and maximise your dive.
  • Know what marine life to look out for as seen in the stunning wildlife photography and additional information.
  • You get a memorable record, wonderful holiday keepsake and a truly useful dive log.
You get a great, easy-to-use format:
  • The pack fits neatly into and integrates seamlessly with your standard diving logbook binder.
  • You can get a different pack for each diving destination.
  • You’ll enjoy the sheet-a-dive format for easy access to individual sites.
  • Includes all the major dive sites of each destination for your perusal.
  • You can record your dive information faster and more easily than a standard logbook.
  • Includes special offers from diving organizations.
  • Top quality, clear and easy to read printing.


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